Project First God’s Love Academy, Nursery & Primary School

Project First God’s Love Academy, Nursery & Primary School

First God’s Love Academy, Nursery & Primary School is located at number 1, New Life Quarters, Oguntimehin Farm Road Igbooye, Epe, Lagos State. The school was established in 2009 and started with twenty-five pupils and four teachers. The school has had four sets of graduates since commencement


To give that child quality education and with good Christian morals


  • To make learning interesting by providing good and enabling environment with dedicated teachers
  • To listen to every child that comes to the school and show equal love to all
  • To bring the children close to God through regular training and devotion

Needs of First God’s Love Nursery & Primary School

School Site/Premises

The school uses a church hall for its school activities and all classes are held in that hall. The school needs a school site with classrooms, toilets, playground etc and all other amenities


The school does not have a library and needs a library with books.

Inability to pay teachers salaries

The school fees charged per child in a term is N9,000 and only 35% of the parents eventually pay the fees due to poverty. The school struggles hard with paying the salaries of the teachers and oftentimes ends up owing them for several months.

Insufficient teachers

There are sixty-four children in the school and the teachers available are not enough considering the number of student. The school needs more teachers but can not afford it. The average salary per teacher in the school is N15,000 in a month

Inadequate funds for daily operations

Most parents don’t pay the charged fees and due to this, the school lack funds for its daily operations. The head teacher of the school engages in farming activities to sustain the school and ensure that the school is not closed

Do you want to sponsor a child? – (This heading should be moving so as to be attractive)

There are countless children that need your help and support to get a basic primary education. The sponsorship options available are:

  • sponsoring a child or more for a school term
  • sponsoring a child or more for a session
  • sponsoring a child or more all through primary school
  • sponsor and mentor a child

The average cost of sponsoring a child in FGL in a year is N27,000 (an estimate of $70) for school fees and N18,300 ( an estimate of $50) for other items; as shown below:

Description Naira
per annum
per annum
School fees          27.000               70
Uniform            2.500                 6
Textbooks            6.800               18
Sport wear            2.500                 6
Lesson fees            4.500               12
Excursion            2.000                 5
TOTAL          45.300              117

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