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The Popular Lady Painter Paints Bequest

Our partnership with @theladypainterng is one of our best decisions ever! . We reached out to her via LinkedIn and told her about our current project which would require her service. And guess what? She painted Bequest Nursery and Primary School, Igbooye for FREE!!!!! We’re truly grateful @theladypainterng God bless you abundantly, Ma. Free or


The knowledge passed on can always build a nation. . A strong believe of becoming “SOMEBODY” starts with a book. We implore you to donate those old books, children novels and textbooks to a school who needs it most to build up a library for their pupils. . Don’t trash those old books, Give them


There are kids that have never seen what a storybook look like. Infact, in some schools, it is only the teacher that has the recommended textbook and the teacher would have to write the content of the book on the board for the kids. This is because the parents and/or the school cannot afford to


Work in progress!!! . This is the current stage of our project at Epe. The school – Bequest Nursery and Primary School, Igbooye, Epe is being fully renovated by Tagfour Foundation International. . It is never too late to be a partaker of this awesome work of humanity. Your contribution will go a long way.

A New Project – Bequest Nursery & Primary School, Epe, Lagos

Tagfour Foundation International is commencing renovation work on a primary school in Nigeria. The picture of the school is shown below. Renovation includes building the windows, blackboards, flooring, tiling the walls and painting of the school etc. This is to make the learning environment as conducive as possible. There are lots of resources needed to


“On behalf of the parents of the beneficiaries of the WAEC and NECO examinations scholarships received from Tagfour Foundation International, i will like to say a Big Thank You and pray for more success for the Foundation and pray the children bring out good results to show gratitude for the good gesture from TFI” –


During our last mentoring session at Ansarudeen Grammar School, Surulere, we promised to give scholarships to students who are doing exceptionally well but with little funds on the payment of their WAEC and NECO Examinations. Please meet the beneficiaries of the scholarships. We are hoping they come out in flying colors. Kindly visit our social

Every child deserves to be educated

Every child deserves to be educated. In Tagfour Foundation International, our objective is to ensure that EVERY child in Nigeria is educated and a conducive learning environment helps to achieve quality education. Talk of a conducive learning environment, First God’s Love Nursery & Primary School in Epe has averagely 76 pupils but with no convenience.