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Take the kids off the street

Tagfour Foundation started “Take the kids off the street” project this year. This boy was previously not in school, Tagfour Foundation found him, met with his guardian, enrolled him in a suitable school (school fees, books, school uniforms all taken care by Tagfour Foundation). There is no better way to secure a child’s future other

Full renovation of a primary school

Bequest is a primary school in a rural community in Nigeria with poor school infrastructures. Tagfour Foundation was able to do a complete renovation of the school i.e. flooring, windows, doors, ceilings, painting e.t.c. TFI appreciates the help and support from our partners. Before and After pictures shown below IhelpYOUhelpWEhelp

Education Sponsors

There are millions of drop out kids in Nigeria and every second the numbers are increasing. Tagfour Foundation is helping to ensure that kids are not out of school and all children have access to education. TFI has been able to get Education sponsors for kids to ensure they do not drop out of school.


They got the news of their school being painted on Sunday and they all ran to the school immediately after the church service. 😀😁😘 Their smiles was the “immeasurable pay-check” we have always wanted. Now their school uniforms won’t get dirty and they’ll be more comfortable in their various classrooms. Believe in their future! Invest