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Bequest Nursery & Primary School

Bequest Nursery & Primary School is located behind baslage Igbooye Eredo LCDA Epe, Lagos State Nigeria. It commenced operations in 2011 with thirty-six pupils and three teachers.

Needs of Bequest Nursery and Primary School

School premises

They need a good location for the school either to rent or build i.e. nine classrooms for nursery and primary classes, four toilettes, playground, staff rooms


The school does not have a library and needs a library with books.

Inability to pay teachers’ salaries

The school fees charged per child in a term is N5, 000 and in average 45% of the parents pay the fees. The remaining cannot afford to pay due to poverty. The school struggles hard with paying teachers’ salaries and often times owe them for several months.

Do you want to sponsor a child in Bequest Nur & Pry School?

There are countless children that need your help and support to get a basic primary education. The sponsorship options available are:

  • sponsoring a child or more for a school term
  • sponsoring a child or more for a session
  • sponsoring a child or more all through primary school
  • sponsor and mentor a child

The average cost of sponsoring a child’s school fees in Bequest Nursery & Primary is 20,000 in a term (57 USD) and 60,000 (170 USD) naira per annum

* There are three terms in a year

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