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When we face difficulties, it’s easy to become ingrown and sad, to where all we think about is “my problem, illness, hurt, bills, loneliness”  as long as we’re only focused on ourselves, we’ll get stuck where we are. In our time of need, we have to learn to sow a seed. The way to get what you want is by giving away what you need. If you need happiness, don’t sit around in self-pity, go out and make somebody else happy. God will use that seed to bring you happiness. This goes against human nature but when God sees you getting outside of yourself, when He sees you being good to somebody even though you’re struggling, that’s the seed God will use to bring a harvest back into your own life.

When you reach out to others, the seed you sow will come back to you!!!

Sometimes you can’t solve your own problem, but you can solve somebody else’s problem. God will enable you to help others and if you’ll sow a seed and help others, that’s what’s going to bring your own harvest. We pray for God to answer a prayer but many times God doesn’t send the answer we are asking for, He’ll send a need, and in that need is the seed that holds the answer;  what God is asking you to do, the people He has in your life, they hold the seed to your prayer being answered;  if you reach out to them, God will bring your own harvest

When you reach out and give of your time, energy, pray for people, encourage someone, then that seed that holds your answer is being watered, it’s taking root. According to Psalm 37:3 –Trust in the Lord and do good.

It’s not enough to just trust in the Lord, you’ve to move on to step 2, be good to somebody;  as you help others, God will help you.

Tagfour Foundation International aims changing lives, giving hope to the needy and showing an unending love to children through education.




Abimbola QuadreeSOW A SEED