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This is a story of young boy named Ade.

Ade’s full name is Adebayo, he was born into a lovely family whose joy knew no bound at the sight of seeing Ade. The couple had lost over 3 babies before his birth.

Suddenly, Ade’s mother fell ill and after a month she died…hmmmmmm…So sad, right? The love shared by the couple (Ade’s parents) was so intimate that the demise of Ade’s mother caused an ill-fated death on the father too.

At just 5, Ade became an orphan. He knew less about his parents and became so quite like a dove. Growing up was not fun for him, rather he saw life as an empty vessel at an early stage of his life.

The thought of his mother haunts him whenever he sees his friends with their mothers……(to be cont’d)

Togetherness avails us unity and love, let’s work to give the hopeless hope and show love to the less privileged.